Meet your mentor

Lilly’s journey started out by giving other women advice and helping them strengthen their charm and charisma, but as time went on, the direction shifted. Lilly learned from the many interactions that she experienced that this was not simply about “dating.” People needed more. People have experienced childhood traumas, abandonment issues, lack of self-awareness, and much more.  Often, issues from the past manifest in how an individual will deal with others in and out of relationships. Once Lilly learned this, she began to create an interactive program and provide the tools necessary to spark self-growth.


About Your Mentor Liliana

Lilly was born in Florida to a Caribbean (Cayman Islands) and Black/Cuban family. Her mother transitioned when she was a baby, and her grandparents (mothers’ parents) raised her. Lilly’s father was always in the picture, but during this time, it was better for the family on both sides to stay with her grandparents. As a result of this, Lilly was raised in a two-parent household. Lilly’s grandparents were old school, traditional, and religious. If you add the Cayman Island roots, that is a sure sign to anyone familiar with the Caribbean family structure on specific values and behaviors expected in the home. Lilly grew up with many family members (she comes from a big family) who were men, and they often showed her many things about men and how they think. As a result of this, Lilly understood both women and men, learn the differences between the two, and how important it is to understand that each sex has a different communication style, thought process, love language, and values within a relationship. Thanks to time and various life experiences, Lilly has mastered this field. Before this journey, Lilly never would have thought to teach this information to others. This information is a compilation of life lessons, experiences, and alignments that have helped her succeed and achieve her hearts’ desires.

Lilly is a young girl who learned from life, and now she is here to teach you what she knows. Her methods are not for everybody, and that is 100% ok. Everyone is unique, and they fit with different people. But those who do work with me, let us get started.

How It Started…

This journey began quite uniquely; one day, I was online, and I commented on a social media platform on my opinion on dating. Many ladies gravitated towards my comments in response to the post and started asking me tons of questions. The more I began to speak to the ladies, the more I realized that many ladies were at different life stages, whether it be single, dating, long-term relationship, or marriage. Once I realized that each person needed something different, I decided to create a lesson plan and start from the beginning. My logic was, “even if you know algebra, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your basic math skills,” meaning that even though many ladies are on different levels, it does not hurt to start from the beginning. I also decided to work alongside them to show that my methods work and use me as a test subject; that way, we work together and hold each other accountable—me as the mentor and them as the mentee. Since I began, I have helped so many women, and they are currently evolving and working towards their goals. I started this on a whim to help other young women, and in return, I have gained so much knowledge, love, and friendships.

How It’s Going…

Since I began this incredible journey, I have helped many women, and I continue to work with them.

What can I offer you? You may ask.

My answer. This journey is not a one size fits all type of experience. Each individual and their situation is unique, and each person needs something different. I like to meet with the young lady, learn who she is, what she needs, where she is in life, how things are going, and from there together; we create a plan to change her current circumstances. The goal is the easy part; the execution is the hard part. This is where I come in; not only do I assist with creating the program, but I also mentor you through the execution, support you, guide you, push you when needed, and hold you accountable when you are doing right and when you are doing wrong. My program is unique because you receive support, knowledge, understanding, healing (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical), character development, etiquette development, communication tools, socialization tools, and much more. The information I provide will help you in dating and family, business, life, and more.


Spirituality is different from mentorship and a great tool to aid you on your journey. I have “officially” been on my spiritual journey for the last five years, but I have always had unique gifts that allowed me to feel, see, and experience things that science could not explain. I grew up Seventh Day Adventist, so my experience at that time was limited. As I grew older, I began to follow my intuition without question, and over time things and people were placed in my life to lead me to my current path. In the last five years, I have worked on my natural gifts and the tools needed to enhance my talents. I read many books, practice, take classes and have spiritual mentors who guide me on my way. I am a clairvoyant, empath, healer, and telepath.

Through my spiritual work, I provide guidance, self-understanding, self-healing, knowledge, love and friendship compatibility, manifestations, and questions answered. I am an apprentice in the craft as ascension takes years of practice and study. I provide services in Astrology, Tarot Card, Life Path, Numerology, & Hoodoo. As I gain more experience, my self-healing services will expand.